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MP360 Process

We understand that when beginning a project there can be an overwhelming amount of information, so we want to provide you a quick overview of our process at MP360 Design & Build.

Being hands-on and fully engaged in all aspects of the development process is very important to us.  We help our clients from dreaming to design, throughout the phases of implementation, and until the project’s completion. We are more than just a “contractor”. You will experience this from the initial consultation all the way to the completion of your project.

We pride ourselves on not only providing a great end product that is customized to you, but also an experience where our team walks you through each step along the way. 

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Let's talk! Give us a call so we can learn what kind of project you are intending to start.
Following the phone call, our first consultation will give you the opportunity to get to know us! We like to take this time to make sure we are a good mutual fit for each other. Our team wants to see your home and discuss ideas. At this time, we will explain the steps in the process, as well as mutual expectations.


We will help you dream up your ideas, provide 2D architectural renderings, as well as a true 3D design rendering of your future project. So, visualizing what your space can transform in your head will be a thing of the past! Obtaining permits, selecting material, and providing firm estimate will help you truly understand the budgeting and what to expect before we even start the construction.

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At this time we will start working in your home. Between demolition and framing, through plumbing and electrical work, we will make sure that you are fully aware of every step we take. Our crew truly enjoys cabinet and countertops installation, as well as performing trim work and touch ups. Your home is our office, and we like our office clean! Every evening, our crew will make sure that your home is clean, and ready for the next day!

       FOLLOW UP 

When your project is complete, we make sure that you are completely satisfied. We do a final walk through, but that's not the last time you are going to see us! The best way to truly know if you are enjoying your new space is to be living in it for a while after the build or renovation. Once you are settled, we will meet again, go over any details, and make sure that you are truly loving your home.
Understanding our process and what you can expect from our collaboration is crucial to your project success! When homeowners choose to work with MP360 Design & Build it's because they understand they are investing in knowledge, experience, and quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What differentiates MP360 Design & Build from other contractors?

We have exceptional customer service, communication skills, and the ability to truly take clients from start to finish. From the conception of dreaming an idea, to 2d and 3d renderings, through the design, architectural engineering, and making all of the ideas come together into your actual dream space. We are a boutique design and build company, so each project it truly a unique place of art for our team, designed around esthetics, and purposeful functionality for our clients.

How long does the design process typically take?

This could be couple of weeks to 6 months. Depending on scale and scope of work, and also if the project is fully custom throughout the house, or semi-custom, will ultimately determine a final time of our design process.

How long will my project take to complete?

Projects could last few weeks, or longer than 18 months. Once you give us all details and we understand the scope of work, we can determine how long we anticipate your project will take to complete. For example,  half bath remodel typically takes two weeks, while a 4,000 sf. custom home renovation could take up to 15-18 months to complete.

How do we avoid going over our estimate?

More upfront planning, less change orders, and staying within material allowances.

Can the cost increase after we start?

Yes. If the scope of work changes, or increases, if client choses to elect materials above their allowances, or change their mind during the construction phase. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that we couldn’t predict (damaged plumbing, rot, outdated electrical systems, hazardous materials, additional earth work needed, etc.). In addition, significant changes in the market (material, commodities or labor market).

Who will be our point of contact during our project?

There are two points of contact during your project. The main point of contact during the pre-construction and design phase, is your Project Manager. The main contact during the construction period is your General Contractor.

What If I prefer to design it myself without an interior designer's assistance?

If you don’t have a designer, don’t worry, we can help you design your entire project, select materials, determine the best flow and layout of your new space! We even have a designated lighting specialist who's passion is illuminating your life, while walking you through the perfect lighting selections. We do it all! Using our internal experts and experienced team of designers, we can make your dream a reality.

Will your team help us make selections?

Yes, we are always excited to share our ideas and vision, and would be more than happy in helping you make selections for your project.

Are we able to live in the home during the build/remodel?

Depends of the size and scope of work. For large scale of projects, we do ask our clients to move out of their home. For smaller projects (bathroom or basement remodels) we do not ask clients to move out during the project. For large scale projects, we require homeowners to move out, otherwise we all together create stress, delay, and complications.

Can we supply our own material?

Unfortunately, no.  Our team of professionals and company cannot guarantee or warranty any products that they are not responsible for procuring. In our experience, when this has occurred, wrong materials or incompatible materials have been purchased, which resulted in delays, increased time, and additional costs.

Can we self-perform work during the remodel?

No. We do not allow other subcontractors to be at the jobsite, due to insurance liability as well as if there are errors, or any craftsmanship issues, it becomes extremely difficult to clearly identify who’s warranty the error should fall under, and there by, who should take the responsibility for the error. In addition, we can not guarantee any subcontractors work, that we have not personally vetted. This becomes liability, cost, as well as time issue, for not only for our GC and vetted subcontractors, abut also can cause significant time delays for the client.

Can we bring our own architect?

Yes, we are always open to collaborating and working with experienced and licensed architects and designers in preconstruction phase of the building process. If this is a designer/architect/engineer that we have not previously work with, we can not accurately predict planning stage, time lines, and completion dates.

When can we start?

We can start after all of the pre-construction planning process is complete. This can vary widely depending on the designated scope of work that we are planning for, if we are working with internal or external vendors, and their turnaround time, how quickly decisions are confirmed and verified by client. In addition, delays in material supply chain may delay the start of the project.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes. MP360 Takes pride in our work and craftsmanship. We do warranty our work for craftsmanship defects, that do not meet industry standards. Our warranty lasts for one year, and starts at the completion of your project. We will also help to coordinate with appropriate vendors, if there are material defects that occurred during this one year time period. However, material defects will only be covered by manufacturer warranty. MP360 does not warranty material defects, but will be a liaison between the vendor and the homeowner during this one-year time period. It is always our goal to strive for excellence, and to be at or above industry standards, but when human error does occur, we stand behind our work.

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